All The Rage?

Like its gonzo-artwork, Raging Bitch is gritty, raw and even a bit demented. //Photo: Jason Ruiz

Contrary to the movie Wedding Crashers, Maryland does a whole lot more than crab cakes and football. After starting its business in Aspen, Colo. in 1990, Flying Dog Ales is now nestled in the northwest corner of the state in Frederick and has been pumping out gonzo-inspired beers for over two decades.


Raging Bitch is one of those aptly named gonzo brews. This aggressive, Belgian-style India Pale Ale attacks the taste buds like a mescaline trip straight out of a Hunter S. Thompson novel. Although your tongue wont have to navigate through a  bar full of lizard-people, it will be left wondering what hell just happened to it (in a good way).


There's little disappointment to be found in Raging Bitch's lack of Belgian-style appearance.//Photo: Jason Ruiz

Despite the intense, concentrated rush of IPA notes to the palate, Raging Bitch is surprisingly smooth. But, at 8.3 percent alcohol by volume, one should be mindful of the pace they enjoy it at. The beer is extremely floral and crisp but its translucent amber color is confusing given that Belgian-style beers are slightly less see-through. It tastes nothing like a Belgian-style beer at all and only faintly smells like one. Although Raging Bitch isn’t what you’d expect by the description on the box it doesn’t diminish the quality of taste that resides inside its bottles.


Ralph Steadman, the artist for all of Thompson’s books and one of the co-founders of gonzo journalism, designs all of the brewery’s labels. And, at the bottom of every Flying Dog package lies a quote from a dear friend and ex-neighbor of founder, George Stranahan.


“Good people drink good beer.”-Hunter S. Thompson


Be a good person. Pick up a Raging Bitch.


~ by J. Ruiz on March 28, 2012.

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