A Little Off Center

The packaging screams spring-time but Aprihop leaves drinkers yearning for a different season. //Photo: Jason Ruiz

Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales touts itself as a company that provides “off center stuff for off centered people”. For a brewery that has made beer with human spit, one would think that an India Pale Ale made with apricots is a pretty safe bet. However, Aprihop, was a little, well…off the mark.


Aprihop has all the hallmarks of an IPA. It’s strong (7 percent alcohol). It‘s floral. And its bitter. But, if you hold it in your mouth too long as you try and locate the absentee apricots, it will burn like industrial-strength mouthwash. The level of carbonation is quite uncomfortable. The CO-2 makes it hard to distinguish any kind of flavor profile other than burning and disappointment.


Having said that, the box dons a quote from Playboy Magazine stating that the beer has “over-the-top smoothness”. But, it’s not like Playboy ever puts out anything misleading. If Aprihop were held to the magazine’s standard and judged purely on its pristine, amber appearance, it might make a good pin-up. But, looks aren’t all that matter, and this beer is seriously lacking in character.

Aprihop is high in carbonation and short on apricots. //Photo:Jason Ruiz.


Dogfish Head is notorious for taking risks with the resulting products being very hit-or-miss. Unfortunately, this Spring seasonal-brew falls closer to the thumbs-down end of the spectrum. And at $10 for a 4-pack, Aprihop is a little hard to swallow in more ways than one. But rest assured, Fall will be here in no time, and with it comes the company’s ultra-popular and tasty Punkin Ale.








Dogfish Head founder, Sam Calagione, talks Aprihop.


~ by J. Ruiz on March 23, 2012.

6 Responses to “A Little Off Center”

  1. Nice. I’ve found myself rather disappointed with DFH as of late. Theobroma being the biggest example. For me, if you put exotic seasonings on the label you should taste them. However, aprihop is the exception to DFH’s rule. They put apricots on the label and you can definetly taste them, much to the beer’s downfall.

    • Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I got a bad batch, but my friend and I both agreed that it was lacking in apricot flavor. I agree though, if you’re going to say that a beer is made with a certain exotic ingredient you should at least be able to taste it.

  2. It wasn’t any better last year either.

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