The Maine Event

The attention to detail in the label underscores the amount of love poured into Allagash Tripel Reserve.

I discovered Allagash Brewing Company while on a trip to the East Coast. I always try to drink locally when I travel, and although I was in New York at the time, I felt that I should give this beer from Portland, Maine a try. I’m glad I did.


Their “Tripel” is the brewery’s version of a belgian style ale that utilizes three times the normal amount of malt in the brewing process…hence the “Tripel”. The extra malt and high alcohol content (9.0 percent alcohol by volume) contribute to the beer’s sweet aftertaste.


Despite the sweet flavor profile that’s supposed to have hints of honey and passion fruit, this is an incredibly bitter beer. The first sip is much like the taste of orange juice right after you’ve finished brushing your teeth. However, it’s only the first drink that’s awful. After that, they get exponentially more delicious. My advice to everyone when trying a new beer…take two drinks, the second sip is always better than the first. In this case, at $10 a bottle, there was an economic obligation to continue drinking.

It's suggested that Allagash Tripel be served in a wide mouth glass, a lack of patience led to the use of a pint glass.


This is not an entry-level beer. The alcohol content is just a few percentage points removed from being on par with a wine and can be a little bit overwhelming for some. It’s complex flavor is definitely an acquired taste that requires an advanced degree in beer appreciation to enjoy . However, Allagash Tripel Reserve gets the thumbs-up for future consumption!



~ by J. Ruiz on February 26, 2012.

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